Pitching Program

AFA pitching program provides the highest level of pitching instruction with the latest science behind throwing mechanics and arm care. We are truly committed to the development of our athletes. We treat each athlete as an individual and create training and development as unique as the person. We not only teach the bio mechanics and the kinetic sequencing of pitching but also the mental side of what it takes to be in the circle.

Throwing is a violent and explosive movement, so we help teach the body and arm to be capable of absorbing the stress that is created in the movement patterns. Understanding the kinetic sequence and how to create the most torque with each throw will allow us to get the most out of each athlete while keeping them the safe from injury. We want to give the athletes the knowledge, skills, and body awareness to be able to maintain success for more that just one pitch or one game. No matter what level of skill or age a player is, we will help that athlete reach her maximum potential with also being pain free. We train for the long term future of every athlete.

Hitting Program

AFA hitting program teaches each athlete as an individual. We train and develop each athlete to sequence the body to draw the most speed and power from each swing. Hitting is an explosive movement that requires certain areas of the body to explode with each movement. We will teach how to generate the most bat speed and power but maintain bat control. In our hitting program we also dive into the mental side of hitting. We give the athlete the knowledge to help make a plan at the plate with pitch sequencing, plate discipline, and pitch recognition. We teach an aggressive approach at the plate, which in turn helps each athlete become more confident and leads to more quality at bats.

To help schedule your 1st lesson or if you’d like more details about our team training sessions or would like any info about instructors please contact us at 

913-730-8273 Monday through Friday between 2pm and 9pm or send us an email.