Getting Stronger

impact strength

The IMPACT Strength program is a group training strength and conditioning environment geared towards baseball and softball athletes who are looking to improve strength and athleticism. This program differs from others, as it incorporates rigorous testing protocols for athletes to determine measurable progress and improvement. Not only does IMPACT Strength improve the physical traits of athletes, but it also strives to educate athletes on many important aspects of their training and bodies.

The goal is to educate athletes on:
- Proper lifting technique
- Proper sprinting technique
- Utilizing progressive overload principles
- Mobility and recovery
- Nutrition strategies

This is a complete strength and conditioning program great for beginners and more advanced athletes who wish to compete at the next level. Data is collected weekly on strength exercises, sprint speed, jumps, medicine ball throws, and more. This feedback contributes to a learning and competitive environment where athletes can set specific goals and thrive.

Next Session starts November 27th. Mon - Thurs, multiple class times.

The Art of Pitching

impact pitcher

There's so much more to being a pitcher than just throwing strikes. Designed and taught by Coach Town, this is not your normal mechanics improvement or pitching lesson. This class dives into the mindset of being a pitcher, implementing game strategy concepts, and maintaining composure on the mound. This is mostly classroom based, so notebooks will be provided.

In this class, the following will be covered:
- Rhythm
- Tempo
- Disrupting timing
- Command & control
- Off speed pitch design
- Base runner management
- Mound presence
- Drowning out the crowd
- Reading a hitter's strength and weakness
- Identifying fatigue
-Communicating with your catcher & coach

This program includes 12 - 1 hour sessions and is only offered on specific days throughout November, January, and February. This class has a maximum of 12 per class.

Next session starts January 8th. 9u - 12u: Mon/Wed 6pm. 13u and Up: Tues/Thurs 6pm.

Increasing Velocity

impact arm

The IMPACT Arm is an elite science-based throwing program that specializes in injury prevention and arm health, pain management, velocity, command, pitch design, and overall athletic mobility.

What you get with this class:
- High speed video analysis of biomechanics eval and assessment
- Head-to-toe functional movement eval and assessment
- Dynamic wake-up warm-up
- Custom individualized throwing plan
- Custom individualized athletic mobility exercises
- Custom individualized arm care plan

This 8-week class is taught by Coach Charlie Skantze.

Next session starts January 8th. High School Only Mon-Thurs, 6pm

Making the Catch

impact outfielder

The IMPACT Outfielder, taught by Coach Phil Thompson, focuses on how to properly handle fly and ground balls hit to the outfield. Players will learn how to make jumps and routes based on the situation and skill set.

This class covers:
- Arm strength from the outfield
- Throwing runners out
- When to make the play vs when to hold it
- The proper technique on throwing runners out in the "tag zone"
- Footwork
- Positioning
- Diving plays

This class is a 2 day/3 hour class held at the AFA Outdoor fields, 5671 W. 191st, Stilwell, KS.

Next Session starts TBD

Become a Leader

impact catcher

Being a catcher is much more than just catching the pitch.

This class focuses on:
- Framing
- Blocking
- Throwing
- Managing the defense
- Calling a pitch
- Managing the pitcher

The IMPACT Pitcher is a 6 week series, one night per week for 90 minutes each. The class is taught by Coach Cooper.

Next Session starts December 29th. Friday night only: 8u - 14u 6 - 7:30pm, High School 7:30-8:30pm

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