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Brave on Life’s Decisions

B.O.L.D. is our training class to address the third pillar, character.

This class is a mandatory 30 min session that follows each hour of winter skill training. Although we focus on this year around, we run the BOLD class from November to March. In this class we teach what it means to be an IMPACT athlete, as well as focus on a variety of tough subjects. The idea is that by talking about these topics openly with the parents present, it can be used by the parents as a gateway to have open conversations with their child.

Topics include: drugs, alcohol, vaping, bullying, 5 = 95, the dangers of social media, victim vs. victor, “get to vs. have to”, and what it means to be a leader.

High school players are encouraged to become “BOLD ambassadors” to mentor the younger players. They help with training and sit in on the BOLD classes to offer helpful tips.

 Mentoring as a big brother or big sister includes anything from advice on dealing with issues related to the age of the athlete, assisting in games or practices, or helping with homework. The BOLD ambassadors can use this opportunity to receive community service credit as well. The gap between younger athletes and the high school age athletes is diminished and it raises the bar for the ambassadors to a high standard.

Parents are encouraged to sit in on the classes.


What does it mean to be an IMPACT ATHLETE? 

Impact Athletes have Integrity

Impact Athletes are self-Motivated

Impact Athletes have a Positive mindset

Impact Athletes hold themselves Accountable

Impact Athletes Care about others

Impact Athletes dedicate Time to train

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