We have our tryout schedule finalized for the 2016-2017 baseball season. Click here for more details.

We also have flyers at ABA for you to pick up. Click on the image below to view a copy or print your own.

*If you will not be able to attend the scheduled tryout date and want to schedule a private tryout, please contact 913-730-8273 Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 9:00pm or email carla@advancedbaseballacademy.com.…

8U Monday, Jul 25th 5:00 pm AAA/Major Kid Pitch
9U Monday, Jul 25th 7:00 pm AA/AAA/Mayor
10U Tuesday, Jul 26th 5:00 pm AA/AAA/Mayor
11U Tuesday, Jul 26th 7:00 pm AA/AAA/Mayor


Table Test

Fastball 101 mph
Curveball 92 mph
Changeup 72 mph
60 time  3.2 sec
H-1B 3.9 sec
OF Velo  85 mph
IF Velo 95 mph
POP time 0.7 sec
Exit Velo (tee) 300 mph



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